Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Major Fun I salute you

Some days synergy makes you think that we are more 'connected' than we realise. I sent my a parcel of Terry Pratchett books to Bernie De Koven in San Diego last week, having promised him them for months.

Bernie is one of those people, that thanks to the Internet, I have come to know and call a friend even though we have never meet. In his BRILLIANT blog, he espouses all things 'fun'. He has been a source of great inspiration to me in his alter ego guise as 'Major Fun' and I'm going to write more about him in a future post,

I have been a 'correspondent' for him in the past, tracking down stories of general fun and merriment, but today imagine my surprise when he tells me in an email this very morning that not only has he received my package of books (for which he is very grateful), but that he has also linked to my 'Badly Laced Shoes' post within his own blog. I am deeply flattered to see his description of me therein with such kind words.

All I can do is quote to fictional monoliths; as Lizzie McGuire might say 'Well, like WOW!'. and like Captain Corcoran in HMS Pinafore, Major Fun has made my 'bosom swell with pride'.

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Bernie said...

Thank you for the salute. It has caused me to dance the Dance of Glee