Saturday, June 02, 2007

National UK eTwinning Conference, Nottingham 2007

I'm writing this whilst sat in John Warwick's excellent workshop in which he is showing us how to use Flashmeeting.

Despite the vagaries and limitations of the NCSL network he was able to show the way this low-budget alternative to video conferencing (the only tool required besides a PC is a webcam/microphone) can be used to bring schools together.

John is promoting a pilot using this tool with schools (Flashmeeting is produced by the Open University) and there are currently 130+ schools signed up to use the tool so far.

Getting involved is simple as we saw for ourselves. You become an authorised user by registering and once your application has been approved (by John) you are set to use it. The excellent and easy-to-follow interface is where you go next and book your session - selecting date, time and duration. and number of participants.

It's fair to say that the workshop group were enthralled throughout John's session with all delegates clearly seeing the application of this wonderful tool. To see collective lightbulbs of enlightenment going on above the heads of those present was a really great moment. The mark of a good INSET session is one which leaves you inspired and eager to try something for your self. This has definitely been the case in this session.

This looks like a resource I definitely will be using in my school over the coming months.

Contact John: for registration access to the Flashmeeting vc tool.

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