Sunday, June 03, 2007

UK National eTwinning Conference 2007 - Being an eTwinning Ambassador

The first session on the Sunday consisted of inspirational advice from current eTwinning ambassadors, Otso - a talking bear and John Warwick as he has never been seen or heard before.

Ann Jakins told us that eTwinning has changed her teaching relationships with pupils. It's always humbling to hear fellow professionals speak in such terms as you know that such a statement is not made lightly. She said that languages are no barrier in such projects and it leads to pupils getting more accurate perceptions of another country than the ones they may obtain from the mass media.

There are 25 Learning Together ambassadors and these people are charged with 'spreading the word' to other schools around the country by showing best practice in eTwinning and Comenius. Amongst their responsibilities is the running of twilight training sessions in schools for interested teachers. The British Council can fund all aspects of such sessions, apart from cover costs.

George Glass pointed out that eTwinning is important because every teacher and student involved shares the FUN - he pointed out that eTwinning is the most fun he has had in 30 years of teaching.

It's clear to all who have not yet become involved in eTwinning that this is a very project to enable schools to provide students with a curriculum that is relevant to the 21st Century.

We heard from teachers from Gymnazium Spitalsksa in Czech Republic who are eager to forge eTwinning links with the UK. We were encouraged to look to see if our home towns were twinned with other European towns as such links having been established may make it easier to work with schools from those towns.

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